An atomic bomb is very dangerous when it explodes; however, the atomic bomb is also dangerous for years afterward. Why is this?

A. Fusion reactions occur afterward.
B. Atomic bombs continue going off.
C. A fission reaction has no products.
D. The products of the original reaction are radioactive.


D, think of the wastelands in fallout shelter, the physical fallout, which is still there years afterwards, effects the enviroment.

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The answer is D. This requires a little bit of background knowledge to answer. If you knew about places like Chernobyl, Nagasaki, or Hiroshima then you would be able to answer. In Chernobyl, a russian nuclear plant, the main reactor exploded and caused anything within an area of 2600 to die of serious radiation. All of Europe has traces of the radiation in the air, even America has traces of it in Chicago and other places.

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