5) Most countries have outlawed whaling, but some countries have few or no laws protecting whales. Why are conservation groups pushing for worldwide restrictions on whaling? A) Whales are dangerous threats to fishing grounds. B) Whale oil is desperately needed as fuel worldwide. C) Unrestricted whaling could lead to their extinction. D) Oceans are over populated with whales and their numbers need to be reduced or many will starve.


The answer is C. Whales are in danger of going extinct due to serious illegal (in some places it's legal) whaling practices. Another way to find this answer is to look at your context clues. Conservation means to "protect" something or to "save" it. The conservation group is pushing worldwide restrictions on whaling, which means they are trying to save whales by trying to stop whaling practices.

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The correct answer is C. Currently, it is illegal to go whaling (or whale fishing) yet, some countries have not done so. Extreme fishing of any sort can lead to extinction, therefore, it's C, Furthermore, A is incorrect as nothing in the text points to that, B is incorrect as there is plenty of oil, and none of it comes from whales. D is incorrect as many people hunt whales for fun, or for occasional food, never as a meal they can live on, plus, if you live near the water, you could always fish for fish. Hope this helped.

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