Describe at least two ways that carbon can get from a land plant to the atmosphere


The carbon cycle is the movement of the carbon through the rock and sediment, the aquatic environment, land environments, and the atmosphere (including living organisms in all that).Carbon is released from the plant into the atmosphere through the process of respiration in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Respiration is the process which is the reverse of photosynthesis. During respiration, the O2, taken in through stomata is used by the cells in the leaves to break down glucose into CO2 and H2O. The other way of releasing carbon from the plant into the atmosphere is by decomposition. Carbon can be stored as biomass in the roots of trees for many decades and then released back into the atmosphere by decomposition. Sometimes, dead plant matter accumulates faster than it is decomposed and the remains stay in underground deposits. When layers of sediment compress this matte,r fossil fuels will be formed and the carbon within those fossil fuels will be released during humane combustion processes.

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