What is the significance of the hand clasp grooming observed in chimpanzees at mahale, tanzania?


The answer is b. This type of grooming is a form of non-maternal culture. Which shows that the culture is not necessarily limited to humans. No preference for right or left arm raising, hand-clasp grooming occurred once every 2.4 hours -More frequent than tool use, predation, food-sharing, and sexual or aggressive behavior.  The opposite hand was used to groom the other individual's underarm area revealed by the raised limb.

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The Mahale chimpanzees  are genetically different from Gombe chimpanzees because hand-clasp grooming is not observed with Gombe, which shows how genetics impacts behavior.  In Mahale chimpanzees grooming, each chimpanzee will extend one arm overhead and either or both grasped the other's wrist or hand and only adults and adolescents are engaged in hand-clasp grooming.

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