1) A down payment is usually what percentage of the asking price of a home?

0–5 percent
5–20 percent
20–50 percent
50–75 percent

2) Which form of government insurance provides assistance to people who become injured on their jobs?

social security
unemployment insurance
workers’ compensation insurance

3) What’s the first step of purchasing insurance?

contacting a company or an agent
signing a contract with a company
shopping around for the best deal
receiving proof of an insurance policy

4) When the economy grows, the market grows, most likely because

more investors are willing to take risks.
the government has decreased spending.
the government has increased taxation.
investors have a greater desire for profits.

5) One advantage to buying a CD is that it

can be purchased for different amounts.
is high risk but comes with great rewards.
can be used for long-term retirement.
is high risk but backed by the government.

6) Interest on an investment is considered

a fee.
a penalty.

7) A credit score tells a lender how

quickly someone will repay a loan.
much money someone will earn in the future.
trustworthy someone is as a lender.
trustworthy someone is as a borrower.

8) What is one way employers get employees to participate in a 401k?

by requiring them to participate unless they opt out
by requiring them to opt in if they want to participate
by giving them an annual pay raise
by giving them a signing bonus when they participate

9) Most investors approach risky investments by

investing the same way that they do with safer investments.
investing more money in the stock of unknown companies.
investing less money in low- and medium-risk investments.
investing less money in high-risk investments.


1. 5 to 20% 2. i don't know but most likely worker compensation insurance because medicare and social security aren't any form of insurance and unemployment insurance doesn't cover injury related compensation. around for the best deal. I will say shopping around for the best deal because before contacting the agent, searching for the best deal comes first. 4. more investor are willing to take risk. 5. i don't know what CD here implies 6. profit 7.trustworthy someone as borrower. credit score are related to borrower 8. i don't know 9.investing less money in high risk investment.

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8. A I just took the quiz

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