Instructions: Select the correct answer from each drop-down menu.
This pie chart can help you answer questions about US greenhouse gas emissions. The question that cannot be answered with information from this chart is,
A. What was the average rate of greenhouse emissions from 2012?
B. What fraction of US greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 are due to transportation?
C. Which sector was the largest source of US greenhouse gas emissions in 2012?
D. In 2012, what was the ratio of US greenhouse gas emissions from industry to US greenhouse gas emissions from electricity?
To answer this question, you would need to know more about the:
A. geographical location
B. number of companies
C. pollution control measures
D. tons of emissions released
for each sector.


Correct answer is option A i.e. What was the average rate of greenhouse emissions from 2012?. Reason for Correct Answer: This question cannot be answered from the information provided in pie chart because this pie chart provides the information about relative percentage of greenhouse gas emission from different sectors of industries. However, it doesnot provide absolute information about gas evolved from these industries. In order to answer the question asked in option A, absolute concentration of greenhouse gas emission, from different sectors of industries, is ought to be required. 

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I guess the only question that can be inferred from the chart would be A. What are the other sources of methane gas that are responsible for 8% of emissions? From the question,it would tell you the information of the percentages of each pollutants that caused greenhouse effect in the Earth.

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