The polymer formed from the monomer ch2=ch–cn is select one:
a. .
b. (ch2=chcn)n.
c. (ch2=ch=cn)n.
d. . previous page


Answer:              None of the given options show polymer made up of H₂C=CH-CN (Acrylonitrile). Explanation:                    Acrylonitrile (H₂C=CH-CN) which is a monomer on self linkage results in a large chain polymer called as Polyacrylonitrile.                    The structure of Polyacrylonitrile is as follow,                                              --(H₂C-CHCN-)n-- Where n shows the number of Acrylonitrile units joined together in the formation of Polyacrylonitrile. This polymerization reaction can take place by different mechanisms including free radical mechanism, acid catalyzed addition or base catalyzed addition reaction. The polymerization is shown below,

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