Laughing gas (nitrous oxide, n2o) is sometimes used as an anesthetic in dentistry. it is produced when ammonium nitrate is decomposed according to the reaction nh4no3(s) −→ n2o(g) + 2 h2o(ℓ). how much nh4no3 is required to produce 47.1 g of n2o? answer in units of g.


Answer:             85.63 g of NH₄NO₃ is required. Solution: The balanced chemical equation is as follow,                                      NH₄NO₃    →    N₂O + 2 H₂O According to equation,            44 g (1 mole) N₂O is produced by  =  80 g (1 mole) of NH₄NO₃ So,            47.1 g of N₂O will be produced by  =  X g of NH₄NO₃ Solving for X,                       X  =  (80 g × 47.1 g) ÷ 44 g                       X  =  85.63 g of NH₄NO₃

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