Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity
Nacl (s)
Nacl (aq)
C6h12o6 (aq)
C6h12o6 (S)


Option B: NaCl (aq)There are two important factors that make a compound a good conductor of electricity that is its state and number of charge particles.Here, the substances in solid state do not conduct electricity due to unavailability of free ions as movement of free ions in a substance is responsible for electricity conduction. Therefore, NaCl(s) and do not conduct electricity.Now, out of NaCl(aq) and and , NaCl(aq) is a good conductor of electricity because in aqueous solution, NaCl completely dissociates into and ions. Due to the presence of these ions it is good conductor of electricity.

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Nacl aq. is the best conductor of electricity as in aques state the ions become lose or mobile which are free to move and conduct electricity.

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