Which is an example of a solution


When u think about solution you can think about problem and solution. The problem being solved!

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Solutions are groups of molecules that are mixed, and evenly distributed in a system. There are two types of solutions, (Homogenous systems - everything is evenly spread out and mixed thoroughly, Heterogenous mixtures - Higher concentration.).,  Solutions can be solids dissolved in liquids.  Gas - Gas      Ex. AIR Gas  - Liquid     Ex.Carbon Dioxide(CO2) in soda Gas -  Solid       Ex. Hydrogen(H2) in Palladium, (Pd) Metal Liquid - Liquid    Ex. Gasoline Liquid - Solid      Ex. Dental Fillings Solid - Solid        Ex. Metal Alloys, such as Sterling Silver  These are just a few examples of a solution.. Hope that helps!!!

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