Read the outline. Topic: Deciding between a cat and a dog Paragraph Topic 1: Cat pros Cats are self-sufficient; they can take care of themselves. Cats also don’t make as much noise as barking dogs do. Paragraph Topic 2: Cat cons Most cats are too independent. They aren’t known to discourage unwelcome guests and rarely does one see a “beware of cat” sign on a fence. They often bring dead birds and rodents inside. Paragraph Topic 3: Dog pros Dogs are warm and friendly. They are protective and bark to warn intruders to stay away. Paragraph Topic 4: Dog cons Dogs need a lot of attention and care. They have to be let outside or walked regularly and they have to be watched—especially when they are puppies—so they don’t chew the furniture. Is this a point-by-point or subject-by-subject pattern of organization?


This is a subject-by-subject pattern of organization because it uses the subject in order to organize the ideas of the paragraph. This is an organization in which it helps the paragraph to be more understandable to the readers.

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