Fill in the blanks with words from the spelling list bellow:

accent- emphasis or stress placed on a syllable or word
advertisement- a notice designed to attract public notice or patronage
aviation- the operation of aircraft
biology- the science of life and living organisms
bouquet- a number of picked flowers tied together in a bunch
breve- a curved diacritical mark used to indicate an unstressed syllable or a short vowel
ceiling- the upper inside limit of a room; also the height above the ground of the lowest clouds
diacritical- marking a distinction
dictionary- a book of the words of a language together with their pronunciations, definitions, and etymologies
director- an overseer or head of a group
envelope- the pouch which encases a letter
forehead- the top of the face above the eyes
forfeit- to lose and thereby give up rights
handicap- a physical disability
honesty- truthfulness
horrid- nasty or disgusting in nature
humorous- comical
international- beyond the boundaries of a single nation
macron- the horizontal mark used to indicate a stressed syllable in a foot of verse
merciful- showing mercy
personal- of a particular person; private
personnel- the body of persons employed by an organization
pronounce- to articulate a word or sound; to state formally
pronunciation- the way in which a word or sound is spoken
rebellion- defiance of authority
seize- to grasp suddenly and forcibly
separate- to set or keep apart; divide
temperance- the condition of being moderate; self-restraint
vocabulary- a stock of words used and understood
zoology- the biological science of animals

The ____ movement, which tried to get people to stop selling or buying alcoholic beverages, was an ____ movement.


Yes, the possibility of having a bowel movement after drinking isvery possible. Black, tarry stools can be caused by: * peptic ulcers * broken blood vessels in the colon * overuse of alcohol or aspirin or * anti blood clotting medications Seek medical evaluation when bowel movements show signs of blood,mucus, or rectal bleeding. Faintness, sweating, and weakness alongwith large amounts of blood in the stools require immediateattention. Blood on the toilet paper and not in the stool is a completelydifferent, minor situation such as hemorrhoids, cankers, hooks orjust dry epithelial tissue (or realy large bowel movements).  Sorry I type slow :I Hoped this helped though! :)

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