Read the poem "The Great Wave: Hokusai." It is because the sea is blue, Because Fuji is blue, because the bent blue Men have white faces, like the snow On Fuji, like the crest of the wave in the sky the color of their Boats. It is because the air Is full of writing, because the wave is still: that nothing Will harm these frail strangers, That high over Fuji in an earthcolored sky the fingers Will not fall; and the blue men Lean on the sea like snow, and the wave like a mountain leans Against the sky. In the painter's sea All fishermen are safe. All anger bends under his unity. But the innocent bystander, he merely 'Walks round a corner, thinking of nothing': hidden Behind a screen we hear his cry. He stands half in and half out of the world; he is the men, But he cannot see below Fuji The shore the color of sky; he is the wave, he stretches His claws against strangers. He is Not safe, not even from himself. His world is flat. He fishes a sea full of serpents, he rides his boat Blindly from wave to wave toward Ararat. Which is the best description of the poet’s treatment of the subject of the poem?
A. He uses humor to mock the subject.
B. He uses imagery to present the subject.
C. He uses structure to conceal the subject.
D. He uses tone to criticize the subject.


In the excerpt from "The Great Wave: Hokusai." by Donald Finkel, "He used imagery to present the subject." is the best description of the poet’s treatment of the subject of the poem. It is a perfect illustration of twentieth-century ekphrastic poetry.

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B. he uses imagery to present the subject.  I would had eliminated A. humor and D. tone immediately as you read the poem for A. there is no type of satire/mockery being used and for D. there is no mood, what is tone without a mood. When you read this poem you can imagine all these things happening almost if you was there. Etc; mountain leans against the sky, he fishes a sea full of serpents. There are just too many imagery that's how you know that is the answer

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