Mina had always been told to do what's right, even when it's inconvenient, and protecting the nation’s forests was one of her chief concerns. So when she found out that a logging company was hiring in her community, she stood outside the company office and prevented job applicants from getting in. Eventually, her one-woman protest attracted national attention, and pressure from the media forced the company to shut its doors. Mina had stayed true to her ideals.

What does the story most clearly suggest about the author's perspective?
A. That the community is the center of controversy
B. That the source of evil is always within ourselves
C. That the media cannot afford to ignore the truth
D. That the environment is more important than jobs


Hello! The correct answer is D. This passage focuses on how Mina stays true to her job to protect the environment, and while doing so, prevents people who could potentially harm the environment from receiving a job at the logging company, therefore, this would be the most reasonable answer.

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The best answer is D)that the environment is more important than jobs

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