Title your outline, "What Makes A Hero?" This will ensure that you do not stray from the overall topic for your essay.
Each sub-topic should support your claim.
Each sub-topic should be supported by specific evidence and/or relevant reasoning from your research.
Evaluate each of your sources based on credibility and accuracy.
Document all sources correctly using MLA citation formatting.

I dont understand this project either can somone help me i will gladly give you 20 points


First, Generate a thesis statement of some sort. such as: To be a hero, an individual must inspire people to want to be like them. ————— Second, You'll need to construct an Outline using a format like the one below. ————— What Makes A Hero I. Introduction II. Main Point 1 a. Supporting Detail b. Supporting Detail III. Main Point 2 a. Supporting Detail b. Supporting Detail IV. Main Point 3 a. Supporting Detail b. Supporting Detail V. Conclusion a. Supporting Detail b. Supporting Detail ————— Replace the main point and supporting details sections in the format with similarly flowing descriptors of what you plan to write. These should be short (Not usually longer than 7 words) ————— As far as sources go, that's up to you. You will need to put the time and research in. If you struggle with things like parenthetical references and MLA citation format, you can either message me in this app, or you can find lots of good examples around the internet. ————— I hope this gave you a better grasp of what your assignment is asking.

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