Lesson 1: what has value? Unit introduction
Answers: 1.message 2. His 3. Possessive
Final score is 3/3 (100%)


The questions i have to Lesson 1: What Has Value? Unit Introduction (Unit 5) are as follows: 1. Which of the follow pronouns complete the sentences CORRECTLY? (1 point) Each of the boys began to clean ____ desk. A: His B: Him C: Their 2. What is the case of the underlined pronouns in the following sentence? Is the umbrella yours or mine?                          -------------------- A: Objective B: Possesive C: Nominative 3. True or False: This unit focuses on the different values of upper-class society. A: True B: False the ------- under "Yours or Mine" means its underlined. my answers to these questions are: 1. A: His 2. B: Possesive 3. B: False im not sure if these are 100% correct but i am positive number 1 is correct.

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