A man who watched me play in the park suggested that my mother allow me to play in local chess tournaments. My mother smiled graciously, an answer that meant nothing. I desperately wanted to go, but I bit back my tongue. I knew she would not let me play among strangers. So as we walked home I said in a small voice that I didn’t want to play in the local tournament. They would have American rules. If I lost, I would bring shame on my family. “Is shame you fall down nobody push you,” said my mother. Why does the narrator bite back her tongue? She doesn’t want to reveal to her mother how much she wants to go. She doesn’t want her mother to know that she dislikes tournaments. She thinks her mom will forbid her to attend tournaments if she does not speak. She thinks the man who made the suggestion wants to get her in trouble.


She bites back her tongue because She doesn’t want to reveal to her mother how much she wants to go I hope this helps! :)

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