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Question 1
In "The Man to Send Rainclouds," what does the narrator explore?

A) His aunt's religious beliefs

B) The Spanish Civil War

C)Teofilo's burial

D) The narrator of this poem is Leslie Marmon Silko in her own poem which she wrote when she was a teenage girl scout. Her scout troop was camping during the dry spell in 1978 at their annual camp outing in northern Michigan at Lake Desiccate. She was exploring the rain prayer ritual performed by the elders from the community of Millersburg where they spit in unison as far as they can while standing on one foot and singing the ancient Polish song "Basia".

Question 2

What is the overall mood present within "The Space"?

A) Anger

B) Fear

C) Tranquility

D) Nauseousness


It's been a while since i read it but 1 is D and 2 is C i believe

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