Read the excerpt from "Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?” I shrugged. Shondra waited. Finally, I pained my head toward the classroom next door. We both knew that my nemesis, Allison Ramon, was in there. Since the third grade, Allison and I had battled for the lead in every school play. Usually we both ended up on stage in one role or another. But tomorrow’s reading was a class assignment, and Allison wasn’t in the class. She was free to wreak havoc from the audience.

What is the connotation of the word "battled”?
competed intensely
fought violently
angrily argued
secretly tricked


Competed Intensely is the right one!

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I would choose the first answer, "Competed intensely."  The other choices don't make as much sense in this context. Since this excerpt seem to be based on a school setting, it is unlikely that the two characters would be fighting violently or angrily arguing. And "secretly tricked" doesn't fit this context at all. So it would be safe to say that the answer to this is the first choice.

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