A: When the score is tied at 40 all
B: Tennis swing on the strong side of the body
C: Tennis swing on the weak side of the body
D: When the service hits the net and lands in
E: Refers to the score when no points have been won\
F: Rule for deciding a set when the score is 6-6
G: when the serve does not land in the service ox
H: The swing that begins all volleys
I: A good service that is not returnable
J: The game point following deuce

1. Ace: D?
2. Serve: H?
3. Fault: G?
4. Ground Stoke: I?
5. Backhand: C?
6. Advantage: B?
7. Tiebreaker: F?
8. Love: A?
9. Let: J?
10. Deuce: E?


1. = I4. = B6. = J8. = E9. = D10. = A I only changed the ones that were wrong.

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