Based on what you have learned about appropriate and inappropriate responses, consider what Karen could have done to achieve a better result. How might the three criteria for evaluating personal responses have helped her? Karen is waiting by the lockers before school for her friend Richard. They had agreed to look over the history review sheet together to be ready for the test later that day. Richard shows up late with uncombed hair and wrinkled clothes. Karen: "You're five minutes late and you look like a wreck!" Richard: (slams his locker) "You know, I don't have time for this." Karen: "Fine! Figure out the test on your own!" Explain what went wrong. Then, rewrite the scenario, showing how Karen can model appropriate communication skills and achieve a different result.


Richard overslept and Karen could have talked to him in regular voice and asked him why he was late. The action that she took wasn't the best and it made the situation worse. 

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Karen could have talked to him in regular, calm voice and asked him nicely in different words on why he was late and why he didnt look so good. Richard overslept and should've slept earlier the night before and should've took the time to prepare himself for school and got his clothing ready the night before. The action that Karen took wasn't the best and it made the situation worse and Richard should've tried to explain instead of storming off. Hope I could help!!

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