Assignment: The World’s Energy Exploration

The amount of energy available in the form of nonrenewable resources is finite. You can personally make a difference in making sure that the world continues to have enough energy to supply electricity to everyone who needs it. Today’s assignment is an opportunity to do research into ways that you can make an impact.

Your research will focus on creating a plan that you want to present to one of the following:
your family
a club or team that you are a part of
a community organization like your church or school

The purpose of your plan is to see the world’s energy last a long time. There are a couple of categories to consider, such as different ways to do the following things:
Use renewable resources (example: adding solar panels to a building)
Conserve energy (example: reducing the amount of electricity used)
Reduce, reuse, and recycle (example: planning a recycling drive)
Add “green spaces” (example: growing vegetables in a garden)

You need to find three websites related to your idea. Look for other individuals or groups that have accomplished a similar goal. Once you have found your websites, answer the following questions. Number each question and make sure to write your answers in complete sentences.

What project do you want to propose and who do you want to participate?
What are the three websites you found that helped you choose a project and/or described other people doing similar projects?
After reading their stories and thinking about your own ideas, describe your idea for your project. Think of your answer as your presentation of your idea to your group. Make sure to tell them what you want to accomplish and why it is important.
In your research, find a difficulty that others faced that you might need to consider. Explain the issue and how it might impact your plan.
Choose one story from your research that you found most inspiring. Share a quotation and explain why this was meaningful.


1. Representational 2. Objective 3. Realistic 4. Naturalistic

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