List the three places lbj wanted to build the great society and explain at least one problem in each of these three places


The first place is the cities He understood that cities were growing more and more and that it was necessary for a society that plans to prosper to invest in infrastructure and build new real estate, build things like highways, bridges, and similar things that would enable cities to grow and prosper and the people to live well. He knew this because people were moving into cities more and more. The problem in cities was high density and overpopulation. The second is the countryside He believed that all that is beautiful in America, things like rivers, mountains, national parks, forests, and similar, is riddled with pollution and he wanted to stop this and help the United States remain a beautiful and a healthy place to be in. He stated that if they lose the natural splendor of the US that they would never get it back again. The problem in nature was pollution. The third were the classrooms He believed that the citizens of the United States need to get educated and need to have easier access to higher education. He provided numerous details on how few people actually graduate from colleges or universities and how there is a high amount of people without a high-school diploma and similar things and wanted to educate people. The problem here is lack of education.

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