Read this excerpt from the speech “No Compromise with the Evil of Slavery” by William Lloyd Garrison. Based on the excerpt, which two statements reflect the author’s views of the North and South? These are solemn times. It is not a struggle for national salvation; for the nation, as such, seems doomed beyond recovery. The reason why the South rules, and the North falls prostrate in servile terror, is simply this: with the South, the preservation of slavery is paramount to all other considerations above party success, denominational unity, pecuniary interest, legal integrity, and constitutional obligation. With the North, the preservation of the Union is placed above all other things above honor, justice, freedom, integrity of soul, the Decalogue and the Golden Rule the infinite God himself. All these she is ready to discard for the Union. Her devotion to it is the latest and the most terrible form of idolatry. The South insists on continuing the practice of slavery. The North will attempt to preserve the Union at any cost. The North makes a false assumption that Southern slavery will soon end. The South continually pushes to argue with the North.


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