Manorialism was above all an economy based on _______.
A) international trade
B)feudal self-sufficiency
C)spoils of war
D)industrial agriculture


The correct answer is 100%  B)feudal self-sufficiency  proof: Manorialism was an essential element of feudal society. It was the organizing principle of rural economy that originated in the Roman villa system of the Late Roman Empire, and was widely practiced in medieval western and parts of central Europe hope it helps!

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Answer:The answer is option B.Explanation:Manorialism was a basic component of medieval society. It was the sorting out standard of provincial economy that started in the Roman manor arrangement of the Late Roman Empire, and was broadly polished in medieval western and parts of focal Europe. The manorial framework, or seignorial framework, was a monetary and social arrangement of medieval Europe. All lawful and monetary power had a place with the ruler of the house, who was bolstered monetarily from his property and from commitments from the laborer populace under his position.

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