One reason india gained its independence from great britain in 1947 was that (1) great britain was defeated in world war ii (2) the treaty of versailles required great britain to give up its colonies (3) great britain did not have the resources to maintain an empire after world war ii (4) india had supported the axis powers during world war ii


The answer is 3) Great Britain did not have the resources to maintain an empire after World War II Even though Britain was able to defeat Germany and the Axis powers in Europe, overall the Empire was in socioeconomic shambles. The war had resulted in the destruction of hundreds of businesses and factories. London itself was bombarded and the many government officials operated from bunkers. Millions of men had died and there was a lack of resources. The government could do things, use the remaining reserves to either rebuild Great Britain or maintain the large Empire. At the end it was decided to give away the Empire and work on rebuilding Britain

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