Write an article for the newspaper describing the sit-in movement, including its participants, goals, and achievements.


The sit-in movement originated with four African-American college students who wanted to test the segregationist policies of the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro North Carolina. These four men sat at the lunch counter, refusing to move. Even though the police were called, they were not arrested on that first day. However, this was just the beginning of the movement. By the fourth day of protest, over three hundred African-American citizens packed the Woolworth's restaurant so if a group got arrested for sitting at the lunch counter, another group take their place. The goal of this particular sit-in was to end the segregationist policy at this restaurant. This worked, as 6 months after the very first sit-in, the Woolworth's in Greensboro North Carolina changed their policy. This allowed all citizens, regardless of color, to sit and eat at their lunch counter.

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