Which of the following best describes changes in the population of Washington over the last 200

Cultural diversity has increased due to migration and immigration.
A.The Native American population has not changed locations.
B.Immigration from Pacific Rim countries has decreased due to a lack of C.work.
D.African Americans arrived in the state as slaves but left for free states.

9. In 2010, Hispanics made up 7 percent of the state population. In 2014, that number had risen to 12
percent. What conclusion does the data support?

A.Ethnic diversity in rural areas is the same as in cities.
B.Immigration from Latin America is expected to decline.
C.Mexican immigrants make up the largest immigrant group in the state.
D.Immigration to the state continues to affect the state’s population.

10. How are Native Americans from Washington such as Sherman Alexie expressing cultural pride

A.through advocating for the end of reservations and the relocation of Native Americans to cities.
B.through the adoption of English in place of traditional languages
C.through books and films reflecting Native American culture today intended for mainstream audiences.
D.through ghost dances and reliance upon medicine men and shamans

11. Which of the following events had the most impact on empowering Native American communities in
A.Kent State University shooting
B.lunch counter sit-ins
C.March on Washington
D.occupation of Alcatraz


9. I believe is A. 10. I believe is C. And 11. I believe isD.

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