The velocity of sound in air is given by the equation =20√(273+t) , where v is the velocity in meters per second and t is the temperature in degrees Celsius. Find the temperature when the velocity is 329 meters per second by graphing the equation. Round the answer to the nearest degree. Show your work.


1) Build a table for the function    T         velocity = 20√(273 + T)   °C             m/s -3,00        328,63 -2,50        328,94 -2,00        329,24 -1,50        329,55 -1,00        329,85 -0,50        330,15  0,00        330,45 2) The graph is attached. In it the value at which the velocity is 329 m/s is very close to the y-axis, so x is close to zero (negative). 3) Conclusion: You can see that the value of temperature (T) for which the velocity is 329 m/s is -2,50 °C

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