An average person's heart beats about 103,680 times a day. Write and solve an equation to find about how many times does the average person heart beats in one minute.


103,680 ÷ 1,440 = 72 An average persons heart beats at about 72 times per minute. (There are 1,440 minutes in a day.)

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To find the answer is, How many seconds are there in a minute? {60}sec. Then you take "103,680 and divide by 60, that's the minute(s), that I put in seconds, and we are trying to find out.  (103,680÷60)=1728 and if you want to make sure this is correct just multiply (1738*60) you'll get the answer of 103,680.  Therefore, 1728 is the answer. Hoped this helped! xD

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