Geometry, Multiple choice. Answer all if possible. Ty


Question 2: The answer is A. 90, 45, 45 because one angle is a right angle which is always 90 degrees and the two remaining angles are the same. Also, all triangles have to have a total amount of 180 degrees when all angle-degree-measurements are combined, which leaves A as the only possible answer.Question 3: The answer is D. To solve this question you simply multiply all the dimensions of the triangular prism together. That would be:                                 10 x 14 x 8 = 1,120 in squaredQuestion 4: Sorry, didn't get this one :(Question 5: The answer is B. 4pi. Sorry, don't have a good explanation for this one, but I'm pretty sure it is correct.Question 6: Can't see the question, so I can't help you :(Question 7: The answer is A. 5 feet. Using the power of elimination you can conclude that the three other options to the answer are improbable.Question 8: The answer is B. 180 - x. To get this you need to know that 180 degrees is a flat line angle. Since angle x and angle y stem from the same two flat lines intersecting diagonally, you can determine the 180 - angle x would equal angle y.

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