A student did 3/5 of his homework and 8 more problems. then his father came and did one fifth of the homework and the remaining 7 problems. how many problems did they solve?


Suppose the total  number of problems be x this will be given by: (1/5)x+7+(3/5)x+8=x Putting like terms together we get: (1/5x+3/5x)+(7+8)=x 4/5x+15=x 4/5x-x=-15 -1/5x=15 thus x=75 problems

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If x = total number of problems for the homework, Student: Number of problems done = (3/5)x + 8 Father: Number of problems done = (1/5)x + 7 But total number of problems done is x. Then; x = (3/5)x + 8 + (1/5)x + 7 = (4/5)x + 15 (1-4/5)x = 15 (1/5)x = 15 x = 15*5 = 75. ∴ There are 75 problems.

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