(08.02 MC) A grain silo is shown below: Grain silo formed by cylinder with radius 6 feet and height 168 feet and a half sphere on the top What is the volume of grain that could completely fill this silo, rounded to the nearest whole number? Use 22 over 7 for pi.


Hello!!!! Find the volume of the bottom and top separately and then add them. Cylinder volume is the area of the bottom times the height (22/7)(5^2)•175=13750 ft^3 The volume of a sphere isV=(4/3)(22/7)r^3where r is the radius. Here that's also 5 since it fits on the cylinder. Also we only want half the sphere so useV=(2/3)(22/7)•5^3=261.9 ft^3Which we round upto 262. Now add the parts together 13750+262=14,012 ft^3 Hope this helps!

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