Which equation is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment with endpoints (-2,4) (6,8)


Answer: y = -2x + 10 Explanation: The general equation of the linear line is: y = mx + c where m is the slope and c is the y-intercept 1- getting the slope: slope of the given two points is: slope =  We know that the line we are looking for is perpendicular to the line having these two points. Therefore, the product of the slope should be equal to -1. This means that the slope of the line we are looking for is -2 The equation of the line we are looking for now is: y = -2x + c 2- getting the y-intercept: To get the y-intercept, we need a point that belongs to the line. We know that the line passes through the midpoint of (-2,4) and (6,8). Therefore, we need to get the midpoint first: midpoint = () midpoint = (2,6) Now, to get the value of the c, we will use the point we have, substitute in the equation and solve for c as follows: y = -2x + c 6 = -2(2) + c 6 = -4 + c c = 10 Based on the above, the equation of the line is: y = -2x + 10 Hope this helps :)

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