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Comment The question is the same as drawing a Black marble. That's one way to look at it. Another is to draw a gray and then subtract that probability of not drawing a gray. I'll do both. Choose the one that is clearest in your mind. Method One Total number of marbles = 21 + 11 = 32 marbles of both colors. Probability of drawing a black marble =  P(B) = P(~gray) = 11 / 32 Method Two A. Find the probability of drawing a gray marble. There are 21 gray marbles and 32 total P(G) = Number of Gray's / total P(G) = 21 / 32 P(~G) = 1 - 21/32 P(~G) = 32/32 - 21/32 P(~G) = 11/32  <<<< Answer

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