A massage costs .50 per hour. How much will a massage for 2.5 hours cost?


Hey! Alright, let's see here. To solve this problem, we can create an equation.  ×  Now we need to figure out 1 times what gives us 2.5. If you know your multiplications, then you could easily tell that 1 times 2.5 will equal 2.5. This is because a number times 1 will always equal itself. So now let's plug that into our equation.  ×  When multiplying something like this, you must remember that whatever you do to the top part, you must do to the bottom part. And vice-versa. So, we'll have to multiply the top part by 2.5 as well. ×  So, this means that a massage for 2.5 hours will cost  $203.75. Hope this helps! - Lindsey Frazier ♥

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For 2.5 hours of massage it will cost $203.75

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