Which graph represents x
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Hey! First, we need to multiply both sides of the equation by 3 to give us x on its own. Equation : Solution {Equation Solved} : So the given number for our new inequality is 6 so that's where we'll plot our point. REMEMBER IT HAS TO BE A CLOSED POINT Now we need to find the direction of the arrow. Since the "teeth" of the symbol are facing right, this means our arrow will be going left. So, this means the correct graph  to the given is  the second number line. Hope this helps! - Lindsey Frazier ♥

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The answer is the second graph. You need to isolate x, in order to do this you need to multiply both sides by 3, or 3/1 2*3 = 6 x/3 * 3 = x Your equation should now be   So the circle should be filled in and pointing towards the left starting from 6

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