Tanya has a garden with a trench around it .The garden is a rectangle with length 2 1/2m and width 2 m.
The trench and garden together with length 3 1/2m and width 3 m.
Find the area of just the trench.


You seem like an over thinker to me ;) don't worry, i am too. step one is to find the area of the trench and the garden together. Area of the trench & garden = length (3.5) × width (3) step two. set that aside step three is to find the area of the garden  Area of garden = length (2.5) × width (2) step for is easy now! all you have to do is take the answer you got in step one and subtract your answer that you got in step three!! step one answer - step 3 answer = your final answer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ if you still don't get it i will be here to give you the answer. i just love helping people understand things

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