Points A and B are the endpoints of an arc of a circle. Chords are drawn from the two endpoints to a third point, C, on the circle. Given m arch AB=64° and ⦣ABC=73°, m ⦣ABC=__ ° and m arch AC=__ °.


Angle ABC is an inscribed angle with AC as its arch while angle ACB is an inscribed angle with AB as its arch. m ⦣ABC = 73° (Given) m ⦣ACB = 32° (Since ACB is an inscribed angle, we will get the one half of the given arch AB 64° : 1/2 * 64 = 32°) m arch AC = 146° (To compute for the arch, multiply angle ABC of 73 °  by 2 since angle ABC is an inscribed angle : 2 * 73 = 146)

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