You are given the exponential function g(x) = 3 x . Which option below gives the formula for a new function h created by stretching g by a factor of 3 along the y-axis?

h(x) = 3x+1
h(x) = 3x-1
h(x) = x · 3x+1
h(x) = x · 3x-1


Answer: First option. h(x)=3^(x+1) g(x)=3^x To strecth g(x) by a factor of 3 along the y-axis we must multiply the function g(x) by 3: h(x)=3 g(x)=3 (3^x)=(3^1)(3^x) Applying multiplication of powers with the same base: (a^b)(a^c)=a^(b+c); with a=3, b=1, and c=x h(x)=3^(1+x) h(x)=3^(x+1)

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