Line CD contains points C(7, 4) and D(6, 1). Line JK is parallel to line CD. Which two points lie on line JK?

A) J(−4, 1) and K(−2, 7)
B) J(6, −3) and K(1, −2)
C) J(0, −3) and K(−5, 4)
D) J(2, 5) and (−1, 6)


From 6,1 to 7,4  We can determine the slope of the line rise/run 3/1=3 Now we know the slope of the line, a line parallel to it must obtain the same slope, therefore, I tried to see if the increase in y is three times the increase in x I found the true pair to be A (-4,1) and (-2,7)

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Line Jk is parallel to  CD  so their slopes  must be the same. Slope of CD = (4-1)/(7-6) = 3/1 = 3 Try Option A  Slope of JK = 7(-1)/(-2 - -4) = 6 / 2  = 3 So the points are  in Choice A

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