Alex can ski 960 meters in 5 minutes. If his skiing speed is increased by 20 m/min, how many meters can he cover in 10 minutes? ___ m


First let's find out how much he can ski per minute without his increase in speed. To find speed we will have to divide distance by time. 960÷5=232 So his speed is 232 meters per second. Now to this as add 20. 232+20=252 Then to find out how far he will go in 10 minutes,we will just have to multiply 252 by 10 252×10=2520 So your answer will be that Alex will go 2520 meters in 10 minutes.

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960/50=192 His speed is 192m/min His speed increases by 20 192+20=212 His skiing speed is 212m/min To find how many meters he can ski in 10 mins multiply his speed rate by 10 212*10=2120 2120m would be your answer. I hope this helps :$

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