Is – 7 a solution to the equation 8 open parentheses 1 fourth x space plus space 3 over 4 close parentheses space minus space 3 equals 17


8(1/4x+3/4)-3=17 Distribute 8/4x+24/4-3=17 Simplify the fractions 2x+6-3=17 Add 6, subtract 3 from both sides 2x=14 Divide both sides by 2 X=7 I hope I had interpreted the equation correctly if not tell me and I’ll resolve it :)

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Answer: -7 is not a solution to the given equation Explanation: The equation given is: To know whether -7 is a solution of the given equation or not, we will substitute with x = -7 in the equation and compute the result: 1- if the result is equal to 17 ......> then -7 would be a solution to the equation 2- if the result is not equal to 17 .> then -7 wouldn't be a solution This is shown as follows: = 8(-1) - 3 = - 8 - 3 = -11 This is not equal to 17, therefore, -7 is not a solution to the given equation. Hope this helps :)

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