I need help with this:

Solve for c


A. c= a-5b
B. c= b5-a
C. c= 5a-5b
D. c= 5a-b

And for the record im not getting people to do my homework. I am lost I tried simplifying both sides of the equation then isolating the variables but i couldn't get any of the options i got c= -b+5a

if you could just give me a hand i would be very thankful :)


By the commutative property of addition, the answer you got   c = -b+5a is identical to selection ...   D. c=5a-b The commutative property tells you the order of addition doesn't matter, so   (-b)+(5a) = (5a)+(-b) = 5a-b (This is one of the reasons we study these properties.)

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