In this triangle, what is the value of x?
Enter your answer, rounded to the nearest tenth, in the box.
x = ____
A right triangle with one leg labeled 28 feet and the hypotenuse labeled 72 feet. The angle that is between these two labeled sides is labeled x degrees.


Answer: x = 67.1° Explanation: The triangle modeling the given scenario is shown in the attached picture. Now, the given triangle is a right-angled triangle. This means that special trig functions can be applied. These functions are as follows: sin θ = opposite / hypotenuse cos θ = adjacent / hypotenuse tan θ = opposite / adjacent Now, in the given triangle we have: θ = x hypotenuse = 72 feet adjacent = 28 feet Therefore, we can apply the cos function to get the angle as follows: cos x = 28/72 cos x = 7/18 x = cos⁻¹(7/18) x = 67.11 which is 67.1° to the nearest tenth. Hope this helps :)

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