Find the surface area of each right regular pyramid. a pentagonal pyramid with base sides 1.5 meters, base area 3.9 m2, and slant height 4 meters


The answer is 18.9, i think, because there is a formula for finding the total surface area of such pyramids, but i used the simpler way of finding all the separate areas of each face using this information: since the base area is 3.9 m2, we could just add that to the total at the end. since the base edge is 1.5 m and the height is 4m, we could find the area of the face by doing (1.5 times 4)/2 which would give us 3m2.  Since there are 5 faces(pentagonal), we would multiply 3 times 5, and would get 15m total for all the triangle faces. so to get the total surface area, you would add 15 + 3.9 (which was the base area) and get 18.9m2.... ....;);) hope this helps

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