Find the surface area of a sphere with a circumference of 13 mm. Round to the nearest tenth.


Answer: area of sphere = 53.8 mm² Explanation: First, we will use the circumference to get the radius of the sphere and then we will use this radius to get the surface area of the sphere. Circumference of the sphere can be calculated as follows: circumference = 2πr We have: circumference = 13 mm π is a constant = 3.14 Therefore: 13 = 2*3.14*r radius (r) = 2.07 mm Now, we can get the surface area: surface area of the sphere can be calculated as follows: surface area = 4πr² We have: π is a constant = 3.14 radius = 2.07 mm Therefore: surface area = 4*3.14*(2.07)² surface area = 58.81 which is approximately 53.8 mm² to the nearest tenth Hope this helps :)

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