Question 2 Unsaved Can the set of lengths be the side lengths of a right triangle? 18 m, 24 m, 30 m


All right triangle will conform to the Pythagorean Theorem where the square of the 2 shorter legs is equal to the square of the longest leg. ⇒⇒ a² + b² = c² To prove if a triangle with sides 18m, 24m, and 30m is a right triangle: a² + b² = 18² + 24² a² + b² = 324 +576 a² + b² = 900 a² + b² = 30² Since 18² + 24² = 30², which is the square of the longest side ⇒ this is a right triangle. Answer: The set of 18m, 24m, and 30m is a right triangle.

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