A plane is flying 2400 miles from a to
b. the speed of the plae is 600mph and the speed of the tailwind is 40 mph how many hours after take off would it b efaster to get to b rather than to return to a in case of emergency


From a to b speed is 600+40 = 640 from b to a speed is 600-40 = 560 let t be the number of hours of flight. This would mean it would have traveled a distance of 640 miles and the distance yet to travel is 2400-640t Time left will be (2400-640t)/640. But if they were to return to a it would fly 640t miles at 560mph which will take (640t/560) hrs (2400-640t) / 640 = 640t / 560 560(2400 - 640t) = 640t x 640 t = 1.75hrs

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