Orraine's mother-in-law is babysitting lorraine's kids and mentions she is going to give them fruit and honey for dessert at lunchtime. lorraine points out that her baby cannot have honey. children under age one should avoid honey because it may contain ______ that cause ______ in young children with immature immune systems.


The correct answers are Botulism Spores and Botulism. Honey can be a grave factor that may cause Botulism to under aged children, who ate it. Honey contains Botulism spores that may affect the young and weak immune systems of the children that may cause the serious illness to be attained by the child.

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The correct answers are botulism spores; botulism. Children under age one should avoid honey because it may contain botulism spores. Botulism spores refer to a type of bacteria found in honey. When the spores are swallowed, they can release toxins in the body. Botulism spores can also be found in canned or preserved home- foods (such as beans or corn). Botulism bacteria can survive in extreme environmental conditions such as intense heat because the spores serve as protective coatings.  Consuming honey can cause a condition known as botulism in young children  with immature immune systems. The symptoms of botulism can be significantly harmful. Some of these symptoms include constipation, dehydration, muscle weakness and trouble in breathing. Botulism can quickly escalate if not treated early and children might need to be hospitalized in such cases.

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